Other mysteries

The Mystery of the missing Nazi General


Hans Kammler was a General in the SS, a confidant of Himmler and a member of the circle round Hitler. Towards the end of World War Two he was one of the three most wanted Nazis. At the end of the war he was claimed to have been killed but his body was never found. After the war his name virtually disappeared from the historical record. So, who was Hans Kammler, what happened to him and what precisely was he doing in the Owl Mountains of southern Poland?

The Dyatlov Pass Mystery


In 1959 nine Russian hikers traveled for a camping trip to the snowy Ural Mountains. On the night of February 2nd they camped on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl  (The Mountain of Death), a place that local tribespeople avoided since nine hunters died after spending a night on the mountain. When the campers failed to return, search parties were sent out and eventually found the bodies of all nine. The campers died in circumstances which have never been satisfactorily explained.

The Angel of Mons Mystery 


In 1914, just four weeks into World War One, British soldiers standing against superior numbers of attacking Germans fought their opponents to a standstill. Within a year it was widely believed that their ability to hold out against superior numbers had been due to supernatural assistance. Most people now believe that what became known as the Angel of Mons was simply a spontaneous urban myth which can be traced back to a piece of patriotic fiction. But I think there may be more to it than that…

The Oak Island Mystery


Just what is buried on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia? Is it pirate treasure? Aztec gold? The Ark of the Covenant? An ancient alien mind control device? Or is this nothing more than a giant swindle designed to part the credulous from their money? A story of pirates, delusion and what happens when you fail to do basic, primary research.