About me

Hi, my name is Steve and I’m a Scot. Who knows, maybe that Celtic heritage predisposes me to be interested in the stuff that other people write off as stupid? I’m married with two grown-up kids, I’m kind of old and I have been lucky to have lived and worked in a number of places around the world including Europe, America, Scandinavia, Canada and South East Asia. My background is in engineering and I have worked for several oil and marine companies as well as for the Scottish Government.


I currently live in Myanmar and I write for web sites and blogs as well as writing fiction and non-fiction books. In addition to mysteries I love guns, sports cars, aircraft, movies, books and stupidly overpowered motorcycles. And of course my long-suffering wife and kids who have had to listen to all this stuff for the last twenty-five years.

You can contact me on stevemac357@gmail.com