Aliens and UFOs

The Betty and Barney Hill Mystery 


Late one night in September 1961 something very strange happened to Betty and Barney Hill as they drove through rural New Hampshire. Or did it? A story of belief, denial, alien abduction, hypnosis and media frenzy.

The Swamp Gas Mystery


Two mysteries for the price of one! Just what were the strange objects that large numbers of witnesses saw in the skies over Michigan in March 1966? And what possessed the US Air Force to say that all these sightings were caused by swamp gas?

The Roswell Mystery

rosthumbThe mystery of what happened (or what didn’t happen) at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 is one of the best known and most debated UFO mysteries. It’s also a long and complex story and for this reason this article is divided into three parts.

The Roswell Mystery – Part 1 Just the Facts

The Roswell Mystery – Part 2 Theories

The Roswell Mystery – Part 3 My Thoughts