Mysteries of the air

The Mull Air Mystery


A light aircraft and its pilot went missing at night and bad weather in the Scottish Highlands on Christmas Eve 1975. Doesn’t sound very mysterious, does it? But then the pilot’s body turned up four months later on a hillside, seemingly having died of exposure and showing no signs of having been involved in an air crash…

The Flight 19 Mystery 


The disappearance of the five US Navy aircraft of Flight 19 in 1945 has provided one of the most enduring and puzzling air mysteries. It has been linked with the Bermuda Triangle, aliens, UFOs and all sorts of complete bollocks. Perhaps it’s time to look at what actually happened to cause these five aircraft to disappear…

The MH370 Mystery 


Modern commercial aircraft are festooned with electronic gizmos designed to ensure that they (and everyone else) knows where they are at all times. The idea that an airliner with 239 people on-board could simply vanish seems ludicrous. Or at least, it did until March 8th 2014 when that was precisely what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

The Mantell Mystery


On January 7th 1948 Captain Thomas Mantell was killed when his P-51 Mustang crashed after he had been trying to close in on a UFO. Was he killed by the UFO? Is the object he was chasing still unidentified?

The Empty Cockpit Mystery


In 1970 a USAF pilot went missing over the North Sea while flying a Lightning fighter with the RAF. When his wrecked aircraft was recovered from the sea, the canopy was closed and the ejector seat was in place but there was no sign of the pilot…